Monday, 29 November 2010

Welcoming a bright new world of inspiration

I am sure the bloggersphere is full of snowy pictures at the moment, with our premature mid-winter weather, but I couldn't help be inspired by what I have seen. On Saturday I was due to attend the Textile Society AGM conference but the weather did not allow it. Instead we were up early, fed the birds and had a wonderful wintry walk. Perhaps because snow is usually scare in England it allows me to see the landscape in a fresh new way; picking out details I would not normally notice and highlighting contrasts and textures. I have seen so many interesting marks and stitch-like qualities in the landscape; here are a few of my photos:

I came home and felt inspired to draw (a rare activity unfortunately) and created some simple but satisfying marks on paper (images to follow soon).

I also visited the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate on Friday and Sunday. I was very proud of my students work in creating the displays for our college stands (well done girls!) and felt very inspired by the show in general. I came away with lots of scribbles in my notebook; ideas for surfaces and stitches as well as some wonderful artists to research in more depth. My favourite stand was the Alice Kettle & Jane McKeating stand promoting their new book Machine Stitch: Perspectives. The stand featured some beautiful work illustrated in the book and it was a joy to see the work in reality. There are too many other wonderful exhibitors to mention here but I found the show really uplifting and it has helped to re-charge my creativity.

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