Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Pulling My Socks Up

The house move went very well and I have found myself utterly absorbed in homemaking. At any other time this would be wonderful but loosing my thread at the end of my MA course is really not ideal. I feel as though I have entirely lost momentum with my practice ever since my work was taken and I haven't really been back on track since. However with deadlines there is no choice, I must 'pull my socks up' and get on with it.

Writing on here today is an attempt to get myself back on course and finish some things off, since I only have a week left until my final assessment of the MA.

So here are some images of some of the work that has recently been unwrapped or unpacked... with varying degrees of success and including a few shots of my lovely new garden.

... and for my own benefit, here's my to do list:
  • iron embroidered map
  • try out laying different bundles on the map (photograph ideas)
  • finish cyanotype long fabrics - or decide if these are no use
  • finish making bundles
  • test out different ideas for labels and whether these need to be added to all pieces
  • decide if I want to add anything to the massive canopy fabric
  • finish off research files
  • produce portfolio 'Mapping Hirst Wood'
  • plan how to put up installation: lighting, fixings, paint, filler
  • how do you want viewers to experience the installation... layout
  • plan for the assessment presentation; keypoints written down as prompts
  • If I have time put together artists statement and professional package
After assessment I need to do the following:
  • Get business cards printed
  • Finalise promotional materials, artists statement etc.
  • Update / redesign website


  1. it is nice to see some success as i've tried many times before and it failed miserably.



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