Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Busy... doing too much?

I have been away on holiday and generally busy. House moving plans are hampering my efforts to get work completed for my final MA assessment in September. Things are getting pretty urgent on both fronts and I am feeling stretched. My brain can't seem to settle on any one thing with so much that needs to be done.
Wood Sorrel and sweet wrappers

With a deadline and the immense pressure arising from this, comes a sense that something significant must be produced and I worry that I become an art making machine. I feel as though I am going through the motions and ticking things off the 'to do' list but am I making the thoughtful, personal work I set out to make? Would it be better to make one tiny thing made in a moment of inspiration rather than a vast installation produced without thought or authenticity? I already know the real answer to that, but I can't quite bring myself to sit back and wait for lightening to strike when I know the exhibition looms ever closer. Perhaps I should give myself a good talking to.

In the meantime here are a few images of the work I have been slaving over.

These images are details of a really long embroidery on wool, a bit like the one that was stolen, only this one has taken me ages longer and I had to cut it up to dye it (another drama!). I hope it works out okay as I have planned for this to be a map you can walk on. The way I feel at the moment I'm not sure what it might become.

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