Saturday, 3 July 2010

Playing with Space

Another busy week, including exciting events for my MA at MMU. During Testing Time everyone is invited to put their work up and take part in critiques with lecturers and invited guests. I felt rather rushed in putting up my work, and it was particularly difficult doing it on my own but somehow I got there. The idea is to try out the work in different ways or find different ways to 'test' the work. For now I have used the big found fabric as a canopy and the smaller fabrics are suspended or 'floating' in air.

I had a brilliant crit with Tabitha Kyoko Moses on Thursday morning and it was really helpful to have Sioned in the same group as we learnt a great deal from each other's work.

From the crit I have begun to realise that I do not need to recreate the whole atmosphere of the woodlands, my work can act as souvenirs of my own experiences. Furthermore I had been trying to find a way of putting my own image into my work; during the crit Tabitha, Sioned and Magdalena pointed out that my work already includes a trace of me from the making process and in my handwritten labels etc. It was a wonderful revelation that might have taken me years to come to on my own!

Everyone seemed to feel the space worked really well and achieved a certain calm, soothing feel. I think I now need to be more adventurous with the scale of my work. I think I can use a much bigger space if I am adventurous. It's now or never!

I am very much looking forward to further critiques next week, including one with Alice Kettle.

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