Thursday, 15 July 2010


or stolen...

1 student art installation in progress.

Almost all my work displayed for testing time has been stolen, literally ripped from the walls. I feel winded and am struggling to come to terms with the loss of so much intimately personal (and completely unrepeatable) work.

I find it impossible to understand why someone would do such a thing. Please don't say I should be flattered, I am not. I am wounded.

Any kind thoughts would be very welcome.


  1. This is heart-breaking. There is so much malice in that act of thievery. I wish I could console you, dear Hannah. I can only hug you in my thoughts. What about the people who own or manage the premises? Is there anything they can do. I hope so.

    xxoo Colette

  2. that's outrageous. i understand completely how you feel - back in 1999 my entire research [metres and metres of cloth, slide images, journals, samples and drawings] was removed from my studio in supposedly secure facilities at the University of South Australia. everything relevant to my Masters research, gone in one fell swoop.
    admittedly i had made it easy for the perpetrator as it was all contained in a huge black trunk [basically to keep the moths out]
    none of it was ever returned
    i [after going through unavoidable the raging and sobbing]
    i used this as a turning point
    changed my research focus from broad plant investigation to looking at one genus only
    concentrated on the eucalypts. looking back, i can even be grateful. at the time it was devastating. the universe works in mysterious ways.
    obviously your situation is different to mine
    but look for a glimmer of hope or a sign of some sort as to where your path should go next.
    as for the person[s] who did this? the universe has a plan for them, too.

  3. Another hug from afar you didn't look as if it would have helped your desolation or your immense composure today if we had hugged you. I can but empathize as I know also that total disbelief and emptiness. There will be light at the end of the tunnel, the earth always heels, the making will help you. sharon x

  4. Hannah - so sorry about all your lovely hard work. Obviously someone lacks the talent to produce such ideas and had to steal yours! All I can do is send you a hug across our blogs - I know my words are meaningless and cannot replace what you have had taken x Hope to see you soon. CarolAnn

  5. I would feel violated, deeply violated. I am so sorry Hannah. I don't have much to say to help but to remind you to remember to breathe, and begin to let go when you are ready. I know you will get past this and regroup. You are a fabulous artist with a great mind, and you will remain so. They didn't take that from you!

  6. oh thats terrible. I have been part of an exhibition where something was stolen and it felt like a violation. Sending you kind wishes and thinking of you.

  7. I can't believe it! I'm so so sorry to hear this Hannah. I don't understand the mind set of anyone who would want to do this. You have such an interesting approach to your work. Your talent is yours alone and cannot be taken.
    Sending you the very best of wishes (and a million horrid wishes to whom ever did this!!.

  8. that is absolutly awful - a similar thing happened in my studios at uni once, another student had months worth of drawings and embossed paper pieces all taken, just as it had been put up for marking. I've no idea why someone would want to do this to somebody else! I hope that somehow the work turns up for you!

  9. Thank you SO much everyone! I really appreciate all the best wishes; it means a lot to me that there are so many wonderful people around with so much positive creativity to share. I am determined not to let this experience get the better of me, or to make me distrustful of fellow artists and makers. There will always be a few bad apples, but I'm not going to let them turn me sour!

  10. dreadful you think a peer took the work? :-(



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