Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hanging Around

Experimenting with hanging the large cloth I found in Mum's garden.
Transformed into something more.
Words that spring to mind: shroud, veil, vestment... (your thoughts would be useful too)
The pointed shape was a (very) happy accident, just the way the cloth fell.

I prefer it when the light shines through it from behind, although the pattern is more obvious with light shining onto it. We briefly discussed the discussed the different responses created from this;do I want to show it as a solid object or should it describe a space illuminated, an experience you can move through.

There are lots of possibilities for different methods of hanging and lighting this piece. I shall be experimenting further during Testing Time. As the cliché goes; watch this space!


  1. There's something very pleasing about the 'accidental' cone shape the falling material has made. I'm not quite sure why but this piece has a very feminine & tender quality to it, possibly the shape in conjunction with the natural tones? The word ritual springs to mind to add to your list.

  2. I think I might be a bit way off, but I thought of sail, escape and cocoon when I saw this.



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