Monday, 7 June 2010

The elusive nature of the poetic

I was watching the Narrative Threads DVD's of an interview with Polly Binns yesterday. While it is rather lengthy, the interview provides a very interesting insight into a well regarded artist's practice and methodology. The thing I found most helpful were her last sentiments that seeking the poetic is as elusive to her as it has ever been. After hearing so much in-depth analysis it was comforting to hear that someone with such a highly regarded practice still does not feel she has resolved the thing she sets out to do.

It makes me aware that we are all searching and should embrace the quest. Although perhaps we get closest when we are not trying so hard...

Like when I try to find the dream/daydream I have had all my life. You can only see it out of the corner of your eye. I think I read somewhere this is a recognised idea within Buddhism - anyone care to expand?

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