Monday, 24 May 2010

Planning for placemaking

Some plans... or thoughts in progress:

I want my public engagement activities to be flexible so that it isn't all dictated by me - How can I do this?
  • start with a simple activity that allows for different responses and dialogue
  • listen to what people say
  • review what I am doing and invite new ideas
  • re-consider and be open to a change in purpose
  • share what I/we do
What should the activities be?
  • creative, imaginative, fun
  • accessible, for everyone
  • encourage dialogue and discussion
  • contribute and respond to local ecology & culture
  • conscious of global environmental impact
How can I make this happen?
  • I need to tell people about what is happening - started blog, need to create signs and put up posters
  • Make the hub of activity attractive and inviting
  • Be enthusiastic and talk to people about what I am doing
  • No woman is an island - I need to recruit helpers; any volunteers?

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