Monday, 26 April 2010

Typesetting workshop

Today I had an induction to use the typesetting workshop at MMU. The workshop is full of beautiful things, the old trays of type, the equipment and the typefaces themselves. I chose to start with Baskerville  pt 30.

We all started with a short phrase to set in type. I chose the first line of a verse I found a long while ago. Later I decided to set the whole verse but this proved to be a bigger task than I expected. It took quite a long time but was well worth doing for the satisfaction of completing a block of text.

The technician taught me how to create a beautiful reverse embossed effect. I'll take a photo of it when the light is better.

I also experimented with printing onto silk and cotton fabrics. There are definitely possibilities for creating small elements of text in my work. Something to explore further...


  1. what a wonderful sounding workshop! you lucky lady
    I cant wait to see how you use text in your work!

  2. Hannah, just what I have been doing at college! I have the pleasure of going into Printmaking whilst you are teaching. It is very satisfying and I love the method of creating the words, thinking, checking and being very precise but also its extremely calming. thank you for my lovely goody bag today x CarolAnn



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