Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Reluctant Embroiderer

Over the last few days I have been working on a large piece of embroidery. The fabric was bought as unknown composition, but I had a good feeling it was wool. Having washed it I know it must be mainly wool, as it shrunk as I expected. So I decided to play with doing some embroidery directly onto the cloth, without doing a drawing or marking out a pattern. This was a liberating process, working directly from my memories and feelings about Hirst Wood, and I am very happy with the results.

Working in natural fibre threads in mainly natural colours, the effect is quite subtle. The idea is to over-dye the piece, but I'm now feeling a bit precious about it.

It might surprise people that know me, to discover that I don't often do a lot of embroidery. I love embroidery, I enjoy doing it and I love the results and yet I seldom use it extensively as a creative process in my own work. I think I have a similar approach to drawing. Maybe now I have done this large piece of stitch it will unlock something.


  1. It's really lovely. I hope you find yourself using embroidery more.

  2. nice. lots of room for appreciation.

  3. I do love hand work as will be interesting to see how you do finish this piece!

  4. Hi Hannah, really beautiful reminds me of a very old map where there are just footpaths and woodlands - before we filled the planet with houses etc!! Personally I feel no more should be done - its like a photograph - a moment taken preserved in a printed (stitched) memory. keep enjoying x CarolAnn

  5. Hi Hannah. It's Tiaz :) This are so lovely.
    Can't wait to see more development of this projext..



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