Thursday, 18 March 2010

Space to reflect

Today I took the opportunity of some available space at university to pin work up and look at it in a less cluttered space. This is something I should have done some time ago and was a really useful process.

I will try to briefly outline some of my thoughts and the feedback from my tutorial:
  1. The fabrics look much better with white space around them. They look more intentionally like objects to view with consideration - perhaps they look like artworks?
  2. The folds and creases are really interesting and preferable to the fabrics ironed flat. The folds give a suggestion of landscape and of representing evidence of time and memory.
  3. These pieces need to be seen out of the woodland context (they look better in a gallery setting) because they are ABOUT the experience of the place - they are not of the place.
  4. The smaller pieces work well when viewed as a sequence, almost like reading a sentence. The small bundles and threads work well as part of this sequence, rather like punctuation.
  5. The darkest brown silk piece has some structure appearing in the creases that formed during dying. This suggests the idea of working in 3D, but this could look tacky so I need to be cautious.
  6. I think I need to experiment with the fabrics in combination with light and could play with shadows.
  7. I would like to introduce stitch into my work more and I might try stitching white on white before dyeing.
Finally we decided I will explore the possibility of REALLY BIG textiles, as well as working on small pieces. I am quite excited about how this will all develop.


  1. such a great adventure - I'am sure will find a lot of treasures. Interesting to read about yes or no ironing. I'am always doubting, but I always end up by ironing - in this way I can see the details much better and the color will be better fixed (as in the book of India is explained) which is needed if the fabric will be use for cloths. Having structure by purpose is something I'am looking for with my felt. Good luck with your eco-path

  2. Hi Hannah - they look really good and agree about the experience of the woodland. I do think your ideas of stitch white on white are good and it will be interesting to see them after dyeing. As for really big textiles - you did a superb lesson with Level 2 today, their results were amazing. As an embroiderer it will be challenging to go to a larger scale (talking about myself as well here!) but as you always tell us its good to push yourself. Have a good weekend, hope the sun shines.



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