Monday, 1 March 2010


The bright sunshine of the 1st of March took me to Hirst Wood for a wander.

Green islands are still in abundance, now bursting into fireworks

While I was opening my fabric bundles several passers-by stopped to chat. Each person had something new to teach me; about the history of the wood, a recipe for making ink from oak chippings, local nature reserves and wildlife hot spots, the local textile industry and some useful contacts for my proposed community projects. I also discovered that these woodlands are sometimes used in pagan rituals, which is intriguing and may explain some of the things I have found around the woods.

Pale ghostly prints, like parched plant remains. Detailed and subtle effects on silk and velvet.

I also learnt that lesser spotted woodpeckers are sometimes seen in the woods, so I will be looking even more carefully in future. Today my best birds were a pair of bullfinches.


  1. Great photos and lovely lyrical post as usual. Makes me chuckle to see the woods of England after so long. They're so.... tidy! And open to. Looks more like someone's yard! Oh you would have so much fun here at Los Charcos, where, if you go down in the woods today...

    Lovely eco prints. They should be called echo prints!

    Happy March!

  2. how etherial the plant prints are. I adore them... and every one of your photos are pure delight to behold.

  3. Hi Hannah, I'm enjoying reading your blog. Your work is lovely.
    Thank you for the post you left me. That exhibition looks really interesting. I will definitely be visiting!



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