Saturday, 27 February 2010

Garden remnants

On a visit 'home' to Bucks I was doing a little bit of tidying in the garden and decided to play with some fabrics. Having raided Mum's store of fabrics and yarns I managed to find some interesting things to experiment with.

These bundles of cotton with wool and blended yarns have mixed tree leaves (beech, oak, hazel, sweet chestnut) or lavender leaves inside. I also did one from knitted rug wool (thanks Mum) as an experiment. For the first time I have also tried including odd bits of different metals including an old cake tin base, a biscuit cutter and various bits and bobs from Grandma.

I haven't done much with cotton fabrics so I am interested to see how these bundles work out. I suppose I had better be patient and not open them too soon, but it's so hard waiting...


  1. The new *look* of your blog is TERRIFIC and I can't wait to see how these experiments turn out!

  2. What have you put these into at the end? Looks dark, like diesel or something. Or are you just boiling them? I'm excited to see the results too.

  3. No mysterious potions, just water! I boiled the bundles for about an hour, although I lost track of the time, so it might have been a bit longer.



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