Monday, 15 February 2010

Green Islands

I have been having a few problems with Blogspot, so the format is a bit of a mess, but never mind.

Yesterday I walked to Hirst Wood to explore and see what the seasons were doing.

Surfaces were matted, grasses and stems formed mouldering bleached webs, here and there signs of new growth.
Sunlight illuminating parched leaf mould with a rich warming glow. Hints of pale copper and verdent mosses like jewels.

I decided to make some eco print bundles, wanted to catch this gentle, sparse time of year. Surfaces subdued by snow and ice, yet holding a grace and fragility.

Yet all this is punctuated by small islands of green - moss on boulders, lichen covered tree trunks and now just emerging the early signs of bluebells. I decided to create my own green islands in the calm quiet sea of the pale woodland floor.

Someone else had been making things... things with coloured yarn... and then more green islands.


  1. Mum and Grandma were baffled about the image at the bottom of this posting. That's understandable, it was taken the other way up - of the reflections in the river Aire. A particularly atmospheric day with an amazing clarity of reflection.

    Sorry for being confusing, but I hope you liked it.

  2. Hannah,
    I'm a big fan of your work. I'd love to feature and link to your site on Please let me know if you're not ok with being linked.
    Best regards,



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