Thursday, 29 October 2009

Artists book fair at Impressions

On Saturday I went to an artist's book fair at Impressions Gallery in Bradford. I wanted to go to one of the talks but it was fully booked. However I was really glad I went along anyway as I had the chance to look at loads of interesting artist's books and art publications and bought a couple that were especially interesting.

Both the books I bought were from Kings Wood in Kent and published by Stour Valley Arts, a commissioning organisation that works with artists in developing projects within the Kings Wood site. I have really enjoyed reading the essays in 'Kings Wood: a context' and this in turn has helped me to understand the context for my own practice. In particular I found Joy Sleeman's use of the term 'woodland art', as a distinct area of practice within Land Art, as helpful in making me feel that my work has a genuine place. I now feel that I can be a part of something distinct.

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