Friday, 24 July 2009

Found the plot

I finally think I know what I want to achieve with my work and so I am trying to think of ways to express my ideas.

I want to create work that draws attention to phenomenal qualities of the natural world; to our position as a tiny part of vast incomprehensible systems of the universe. But I absolutely do not want to make work that is whymsical, sentimental or 'hokey'.

I feel I would like to work in the woodland I have been using as a site to work in.

After a group crit on Thursday there were several ideas put forward for how to develop investigations or experiments for this subject. But I don't think I have found something that is quite right yet. Esther kindly suggested I look at Hans Haacke's 'Condensation Cube' for inspiration, although it is a very 'arty' piece it is very relevant to what I want to achieve.

Hans Haacke, 'Condensation Cube' 1963

The work is a sealed perspex box with some water in. As the temperature warms up the water evaporates, condenses and then runs down the walls, returning to the bottom to create a complete cycle. The work demonstrates a biological process that happens all the time around us but by containing it and presenting it to the gallery audience, we become aware of it. It is also entirely dependant on the environment it is placed in, making the viewer aware of the passing of time and the environmental conditions we find ourselves in.

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