Saturday, 4 July 2009

Confused and inspired

Yesterday I went to a seminar at MMU called "The Future Starts Here', as part of the Testing Time experience. It was a shame only a few people went to it, but in a way this meant it was a bit more intimate and discussion based. The seminar really got me thinking about how my practice fits into the world in the future; how can I respond to some of the changes and challenges we will face globally with climate change and other connected world events? The environment is something I am really passionate about but I have never managed to include it successfully in my work. It was something I really wanted to focus on during this stage of the MA course but somehow this has become sidelined.

Although I am really interested in the process-led work I am starting to develop I wonder if there is enough depth to really sustain my interest. Also does it really say anything important and is it valid to be doing something so inward looking? I feel that perhaps I should be focusing more on connections and upon what I can do to influence social change.

This is all a bit heavy and it is worrying to be doubting myself this much, but I'm sure it is good to be asking these questions rather than ignoring the nagging doubts. I suppose at the root of things I would like to make a difference, even if only in a small way. How can I make a difference? Can I use my work to highlight an idea, emotionally transform or generate discussion?

Or perhaps I should stop thinking and start doing something.

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