Thursday, 19 February 2009


As an introduction to what I am currently exploring in my work, I have included here a snippet from my MA 'Learning Agreement'. It sets out what I want to do and what I intend to achieve. 

My overall aim for this MA is to develop a more sustainable practice with a greater conceptual underpinning for my practice, a practice that can provide a financial income and a more environmentally conscious approach. I would also like to find where my work sits most successfully in terms of a context for the work; am I a designer, craftsperson, artist, educator,...

In this stage (until May) I would like to develop an entirely new body of work that takes a different direction in it's conception. The underlying ideas and aesthetic of the work will be the chief concerns during this stage. I want to discover what textile means to me now and how I want to use it in my practice.

I would like to explore how textiles can help us to handle the over-stimulation of daily life. There are so many things vying for attention. Too much information, too much to do, too many places we need to go to, too many must have commodities, etc. What is the antidote to the busy lives we lead? Where can we find solitude and peace?

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